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Chloramphenicol vectors provide chloramphenicol resistance to the host cells. These vectors contain replication origins from pACYC plasmids. They are compatible with our vectors with ampicillin selection markers.

Chloramphenicol vectors



Selection marker



MCS Construct Price (US$)
pCA21aTM 20101 Chloramphenicol pACYC 2 1 a 200
pCA32aTM 20121 Chloramphenicol pACYC 3 2 a 200

These vectors are trade marks of Expression Technologies Inc. They are all patent-pending. Please click the vector name to see its map. Click on nomenclature to see the naming and diagrams of the vectors. Click on MCS to the DNA sequences flanking the multiple cloning site. These vectors are for non-commercial research use only and they cannot be distributed out of the purchasing lab. Please contact us for any other uses.

Please email us at for more information.

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