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Western Standard

HisProTM 14-120kD Western standard

HisProTM is a protein standard for Western analysis of his-tagged proteins. It will react with monoclonal antibodies against his-tags or polyclonal antibodies against his-tagged proteins. It consists of 9 polypeptides with molecular weights in the range of 14 kD to 120 kD. The 21, 40, and 120 kD proteins are double-tagged. They are usually the strongest bands in a Western blot may serve as indicator bands. The 30, 50, 75, and 100 kD proteins are N-terminal tagged. The 14 and 18 kD proteins are C-terminal tagged. Some his-tag antibodies are so specific that they may not react with some of these protein bands. For example, some N-terminal his-tag antibodies will not pick up C-terminal tagged proteins and vice versa. It is suitable for most polyacrylamide gels. It is supplied in ready-to-load buffer containing SDS and reducing agents. No further mixing, heating, or reducing are required. It is stored at 4 oC under liquid condition. No thawing and refreezing are needed.

Key Benefits

bulletdouble-tagged protein bands are clear indicators in a Western analysis
bulletN-terminal and C-terminal tagged protein bands serve as controls for your proteins
bulletready-to-load eliminating further mixing, heating, reducing, thawing, and refreezing

HisProTM   is a trademark of Expression Technologies Inc.


Description Cat # Price (US$)
HisProTM 14-120, 100 loading/vial 30021 80
HisProTM 14-120, 200 loading/vial 30022 150

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