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Size Standard

DigiProTM 3-200 protein standard

DigiProTM 3-200 protein standard contains protein bands from 3 kD to 200 kD. It consists of 13 polypeptides. Under many electrophoretic conditions, the two insulin polypeptide bands runs together at about 3 kD. Only 12 protein bands will be shown on gel as above. It is an unstained protein standard that allows accurate estimation of molecular weight of your sample proteins. It contains at least three different quantities of protein bands which allows rough estimation of your protein quantity (please use our QuantProTM for more accurate estimation of your protein quantity). Each protein band in the standard has different quantity with different loading volume as illustrated above. Different loading volumes are useful to estimate different quantity of sample protein. The above gel is stained by ProBlueTM staining solution. Same size and quantity results will be obtained from regular brilliant blue staining procedures. It is suitable for most polyacrylamide gels. It is supplied in ready-to-load buffer containing SDS and reducing agents. No further mixing, heating, or reducing are required. It is stable for six months at 4 oC. No thawing and refreezing are needed. Protein staining method is needed to visualize this standard.

DigiProTM 3-200 is a trademark of Expression Technologies Inc. Protein standards for estimating both sizes and quantities of protein samples is under patent-pending.

Key Benefits

bulletIdeal for accurate estimation of molecular weight
bulletGood for estimation of quantity of your protein bands
bulletReady-to-load for simpler handling


Description Cat # Price (US$)
DigiProTM 3-200, 100 loading/vial 30001 100
DigiProTM 3-200, 200 loading/vial 30002 180

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