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BSA Standards

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is commonly used as a standard in protein quantitation. When it is prepared in liquid with normal lab buffers, it will be only stable for about 2 weeks at 4 0C. Our BSA standards of different concentrations are stable for six months at 4 0C. One set of BSA standards contain ten tubes of BSA from 0.1 ug/ul to 1 ug/ul. It is convenient to use in protein quantitation. It saves time and eliminates tedious procedure to prepare the standards. In addition, we also supply XSBTM protein sample buffer. Most proteins will be stable in our sample buffer for over six months 4 0C.

Key Benefits

bulletconvenient: it is ready to use in liquid condition.
bulletStable: It is stable at 4 0C for six months and room temperature for six weeks.
bulletAccurate: Extensive efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of their quantities.


Description Cat # Price (US$)
BSA, 100 ul set 31011 80
BSA, 200 ul set 31012 150
XSBTM buffer, 5 ml 31001 20

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