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Our DetoxCTM, DetoxETM, and DetoxET7TM strains are not compatible with plasmids with pACYC replication origins. In addition, these cell strains are chloramphenicol resistant. Plasmids with chloramphenicol resistance selection markers cannot be selected in these cell strains. Here we have other detoxification strains that are compatible with different plasmids, with different antibiotic resistances, and express different levels of lacI repressor. More on toxic protein cloning and expression...

Strain Name Cat Number Compatible
Resistance LacI level Price(US$)
DetoxAAaTM 11101 ColE1 Amp Low 500
DetoxAAbTM 11102 ColE1 Amp Low 500
DetoxAAcTM 11103 ColE1 Amp Low 500
DetoxACaTM 11111 ColE1 Chl Low 500
DetoxACbTM 11112 ColE1 Chl Low 500
DetoxACcTM 11113 ColE1 Chl Low 500
DetoxAKaTM 11121 ColE1 Kan Low 500
DetoxAKbTM 11122 ColE1 Kan Low 500
DetoxAKcTM 11123 ColE1 Kan Low 500
DetoxATaTM 11131 ColE1 Tet Low 500
DetoxATbTM 11132 ColE1 Tet Low 500
DetoxATcTM 11133 ColE1 Tet Low 500
DetoxBAaTM 11201 pACYC Amp Medium 500
DetoxBAbTM 11202 pACYC Amp Medium 500
DetoxBAcTM 11203 pACYC Amp Medium 500
DetoxBCaTM 11211 pACYC Chl Medium 500
DetoxBCbTM 11212 pACYC Chl Medium 500
DetoxBCcTM 11213 pACYC Chl Medium 500
DetoxBKaTM 11221 pACYC Kan Medium 500
DetoxBKbTM 11222 pACYC Kan Medium 500
DetoxBKcTM 11223 pACYC Kan Medium 500
DetoxBTaTM 11231 pACYC Tet Medium 500
DetoxBTbTM 11232 pACYC Tet Medium 500
DetoxBTcTM 11233 pACYC Tet Medium 500
DetoxCAaTM 11301 pACYC Amp High 500
DetoxCAbTM 11302 pACYC Amp High 500
DetoxCAcTM 11303 pACYC Amp High 500
DetoxCCaTM 11311 pACYC Chl High 500
DetoxCCbTM 11312 pACYC Chl High 500
DetoxCCcTM 11313 pACYC Chl High 500
DetoxCKaTM 11321 pACYC Kan High 500
DetoxCKbTM 11322 pACYC Kan High 500
DetoxCKcTM 11323 pACYC Kan High 500
DetoxCTaTM 11331 pACYC Tet High 500
DetoxCTbTM 11332 pACYC Tet High 500
DetoxCTcTM 11333 pACYC Tet High 500
DetoxDAaTM 11401 ColE1 Amp High 500
DetoxDAbTM 11402 ColE1 Amp High 500
DetoxDAcTM 11403 ColE1 Amp High 500
DetoxDKaTM 11421 ColE1 Kan Medium 500
DetoxDKbTM 11422 ColE1 Kan Medium 500
DetoxDKcTM 11423 ColE1 Kan Medium 500
DetoxDTaTM 11431 ColE1 Tet High 500
DetoxDTbTM 11432 ColE1 Tet High 500
DetoxDTcTM 11433 ColE1 Tet High 500

Strain names ending with "a", "b", and "c" are used for cloning and expression with E.coli RNA polymerase, expression only with E.coli RNA polymerase and expression with T7 RNA polymerase respectively. These strains express comparable level of lacI. All of our detoxification strains express lacI consecutively. Cell strains with low, medium, and high level of lacI express about 10, 20 to 50, and 100 times more lacI repressor than indigenous level respectively. DetoxCTM, DetoxETM, and DetoxET7TM strains express medium level of lacI repressor. When a recombinant protein has low toxicity and high yield is desired, cell strains with lower level of lacI should be used. Our special media  are sufficient to express most low toxic proteins. For extremely toxic protein, high lacI expressing cell strains, different vectors and protocol may be used. Plasmids generated from pBR322 or pUC19 all have ColE1 replication origins. pACYC plasmids are generated from pACYC177 and pACYC184 plasmids. All above cell strains are compatible with plasmids generated from replication origins other than ColE1 and pACYC.

All of the cell strains with TM superscripts are trademarks of Expression Technologies Inc. They are all proprietary products. These cell strains are for non-commercial research use only and they cannot be distributed out of the purchasing lab. Please contact us for any other uses. Please email us at for more information.

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